Concept and Product Development  ~ From Idea to Revenue

20-Minute Free Interview.

With 40+ years experience in manufacturing, auto and aircraft industry,
I am a R&D Expert, Professional Inventor, New Product Engineer,
Graphic Artist, Master Machinist, Prototype and Tool & Die maker.

Fast, Friendly, Pleasant Service
Communication in down to earth, simple language
Super Invention is our specialty
We'll turn your simple idea into a superior product with best
        chance of $uccess
You are FULLY protected by NDA.

We can help you with:
•  Conceptual sketches
•  Innovative product development in Solidworks
•  Virtual Prototyping in SolidWorks
•  Models and Prototypes

Additionally, I can:
•  Search Prior Art, Patent and Technology
Scope your idea for practicality, cost and marketability.
Identify best tooling, technology, manufacturing and production. 
Research competitors and market acceptance.
•  Prepare Provisional and Utility Patent. 
•  Prepare Copyright and Trademark.
Create product and business identity package and   
          presentation materials for funding.
•  Assist with business strategy and crowd funding.


Ebook - Full of valuable step-by-step information to assist you thru the innovation process.