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Ab Mobasher ~ from Idea to Revenue

Innovation 101 - by Ab Mobasher
   (26 page download)     $5.50

Why invent ?
What to do if you have an idea or invention?

Explore the exciting and magical world of
innovation and become a participant in
technological and the modern benefits
that you see all around you.

Learn the secrets of developing useful and marketable products; super Inventing for Success, finding the right help, how to protect your ideas, patenting and creation of presentation materials and more.

Avoid expensive and fatal pitfalls often occuring in the innovation industry. Invent with foresight for tooling, production and human factor.

Reading this booklet assists you in the advantages of nearly a half a century of hands on experience in tooling, manufacturing, and consumer products.

Ab Mobasher has developed hundreds of new products. He believes in Shared Success Principles and shares his knowledge in easy to understand language.

There's 26 pages packed full of valuable step by step information to assist you thru the Innovation process.