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Meet Ab

My name is Ab Mobasher and I am an Idea and Product Development Consultant.  I have nearly 40 years of experience in the invention industry, as I am an inventor myself.  In the beginning of my career I struggled to wear all the different business hats required to move my ideas into the marketplace. That's when I realized I needed additional education and diversified experience to learn and know the full innovation business process.  

Now, over the past 20 years, I have been successful in moving hundreds of ideas from thought to revenue and I can help you. 

Additional Background

My industrial career started in 1969 as a technical inspector for American Motors. I have always enjoyed the challenge of not only solving problems but also finding better answers.

I have gone all the way through the innovation process, designing and developing hundreds of inventions for individuals and major companies, as well as myself.  Having created technical drawings and engineered a wide variety of products and technologies, I have also machined and fabricated the prototypes, and the precision tooling and machinery needed to manufacture some of those products.

Besides product design and development, I have also created prototypes and tooling, models and patterns. My highly detailed Star Trek Sci-Fi miniatures received the H. G. Wells Science Fiction award.

I am also a designer, master engraver, master machinist, tool and die maker, and industrial engineer. I have made high precision aircraft parts, designed and made a wide assortment of new products including tools, patterns and molds for: Rotational Molding, Injection Molding, Investment Casting, Reaction Injection Molding, Die Casting, Spin Casting, Boating and Thermo-Forming Industry.

How we can help you

o Search Prior Art, Patent and Technology
o Conceptual sketches
o Innovative product and concept development
o Product development in SolidWorks 
o Virtual Prototyping in SolidWorkds
o Provisional and Utility Patent Preparation  
o Copyright and Trademark Filing
o Prototyping
o Identify tooling, technology and manufacturing/production 

Additionally my specialty involves

o Scope your idea for practicality, marketability, potential sales  markets, identify target
         customers and point of entry pricing
o Research competitors, market acceptance
o Research markets with feasibility study
o Development of product identity package with presentation materials for funding and          marketing
o Assist with business strategy, business structure, sales markets, distribution
         channels, market entry points and potentia business partners


Ab Mobasher ~ from Idea to Revenue

"My worldwide base of clients are from all walks of life and I take great pride and pleasure treating them as I wish to be treated myself.

My work is much more than making a living.  My work is about changing the paradigm of the future by walking my talk in the present.

Like all of you pioneers out there, I know that we are here in these very special times, anticipating what we must do, in order to create a future, where we can prosper well into the twenty-first century and beyond. 

Our own well being, prosperity and happiness, along with our children and all future generations depends on it!”  ~ Ab Mobasher
Thriving well into the twenty-first century as an inventor and entrepreneur will require you to anticipate the FUTURE.

     Predict your customer needs.
       Innovate the products required to fulfill them.
          Produce those products excellently.