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"How do we work with Ab Mobasher - Product and Concept Development Consultant? "

I like to keep the business side of work simple. And flexible._

First, to protect your idea, before we start we will sign our Mutual NDA/ Confidentiality Agreement. We do not consult in any form without a signed NDA.  We offer a blank mutual NDA for your convenience, here.  Or you can forward us your NDA for signing.
You can talk to me, in confidence and in detail, about your project, problem, or objective.

From our initial "discovery" discussion, by phone, Skype, email, or in person, I can prepare a Proposal/Contract for you, defining the scope of project, efforts and accomplishments, your goals or vision, deliverables, and fee terms that address your needs.
Upon your signed approval with deposit, I will schedule to begin working for you.

And what will it cost?"

Typically, professional service firms will avoid discussing fees prior to engagement.  For those clients who need to anticipate cost, but may not have prior experience in working with such firms, this makes a commitment decision difficult. This is not our policy; we are solution minded and always work with Shared Success principals, meaning that, our success totally depends on your success.
To help you anticipate your costs when working with us, here are some considerations:

o I am fully committed to providing maximum value to my clients. This means that your costs will be the minimum required in delivering competent and professional analysis and design services for your project, consistent with best concept development practices.   

o Competently and professionally addressing my client's product design, engineering and analysis needs is extremely labor-intensive.

o Much effort is typically required - super invention, strategy development, design creation and refinement, refinement, refinement!

o I have however learned to super invent the innovation process and can often accomplish the greatest product development in the shortest amount of time, at a fraction of the cost.

o The process of R&D means projects go through evolution, often due to the unseen and changes are required to make the project work. Evolution is the nature of the innovation process.

o There can be additional work, change of geometry in a single part will most likely affect all the component parts of an assembly for the desired results, creating more time with more calculations, looking closely at all the different areas affected, along with materials and technologies that may affect or be affect by the changes.

o Unlike McDonalds or Jiffy Lube, these changes often necessitate engineering a better part or solution requiring man-hours to perform - from 20 to 2000 hours or more, performed over several weeks or months.

o There really is no such thing as a one-hour job!

o I do require a minimum 50% upfront retainer, assuring that you consider your project seriously enough for me to work with you.

o I work with responsible committed clients with whom I can trust, and who trust me.

o To keep my overhead as low as possible I must keep the schedule flowing.

o My Fee Terms can be Hourly or Fixed Bid, as appropriate.

o My 2013 Reoccurring Hourly Rate for Individuals - minimum $80.00 - $110.00

o My 2013 Reoccurring Hourly Rate for Corporations - minimum $140.00 - $350.00

o When providing Fixed-Fee services, quoting a single Fixed Fee for "everything" in a project, is unrealistic.
o The course of project tracks is dynamic.  I have found that the best approach is to define the work in phases, and provide a quotation for the initial (or following) phase.

o With long-term projects (longer than 30 days) we invoice weekly. Payment is due upon invoice receipt.

o If we need to travel, our clock starts when we exit our portal, and stops when we exit your portal. For multi-day travel, we quote a per-diem rate, and will require prepayment.

o If we provide component or prototype fabrication, assembly or installation, we will need prepayment.  Our surcharge is 10 percent of cost. Alternately, our clients may select to fabricate, assemble and install on their own, using the drawings we provide.