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Ab Mobasher ~ from Idea to Revenue

Do you have an idea you think will add value to a person's life, the marketplace, the world and make you some money?

Do you know the multitude of processes required to move your idea from a thought to a product into the marketplace through distribution channels to close the sale?

With a seasoned guide it is simply a  step by step process.

My name is Ab Mobasher and I am an Idea and Product Development Consultant.  I have nearly 40 years of experience in the invention industry, as I am an inventor myself.  In the beginning of my career I struggled to wear all the different business hats required to move my ideas into the marketplace. That's when I realized I needed additional education and diversified experience to learn and know the full innovation business process.  

Now, over the past 20 years, I have been successful in moving hundreds of ideas from thought to revenue and I can help you.   
How we can help you

o Search Prior Art, Patent and Technology
o Conceptual sketches
o Innovative product and concept development
o Product development in SolidWorks 
o Virtual Prototyping in SolidWorkds
o Provisional and Utility Patent Preparation  
o Copyright and Trademark Filing
o Prototyping
o Identify tooling, technology and manufacturing/production 

Additionally my specialty involves

o Scope your idea for practicality, marketability, potential sales markets, identify target  
      customers and point of entry pricing
o Research competitors, market acceptance
o Research markets with feasibility study
o Development of product identity package with presentation materials for funding and
o Assist with business strategy, business structure, sales markets, distribution channels,
      market entry points and potential business partners 

Information is gold.  Fear is paralyzing. 

Contact me today for your FREE 20 minute consultation.  When we receive your email to schedule your appointment, we will email back to you, our company's mutual NDA to protect all intellectual property rights.

Once the NDA is signed and received.  We will send you instructions to begin the 20-minute FREE consultation, where we can discuss my initial recommendations.

I look forward to working with you and helping you take your idea from thought to revenue.